In order to ensure the highest quality of work performed, we use the professional tools and technology of companies that have been time-proven by their customers from many industrial areas for many years.

By way of example we state some of them:


Welding stands for connection of materials using the power of heat, either with additional material or without it. This principle was already known 3500 years ago, but it is only in the last centuries that the true boom of welding technology could have taken place. The worldwide number one in this field is – as one of a few across the whole world – the company Fronius.


Orbitalum Tools (formerly + GF +) has been operating in the market with its products for 40 years. We use new-generation pipe saws that operate on the rotary cutting principle and are equipped with many new innovative functions and ergonomic design. This ensures precise cutting, economy and high productivity.


The products of Hilti also help us achieve the highest possible quality of the work we provide.


The products of Polysoude also help us achieve the highest possible quality of the work we provide Fusion welds of thin-walled tubes cover a wide range of applications, for example in the following fields: semiconductor industry, biochemistry, instrumentation, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, chemical/ sanitary industry, and aeronautics/aerospace.

    Firma MSS Steel s.r.o. sa prevažne zaoberá výrobou a kompletizáciou nerezových potrubných systémov vo farmaceutickom a potravinárskom priemysle. Skúsenosti s potrubnými systémami zbierame už 4 roky, počas ktorých sme sa podieľali na mnohých projektoch pre rôzne spoločnosti.


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